"...Manufacturers have always struggled with how to get their products specified consistently and reliably. But their guide specifications usually don't have the right content. Now that Product MasterSpec has come along, they will have a specification tool that design professionals will be able to recognize instantly because it is written by MasterSpec professionals who know what kind of information an architect wants in a specification"
~ William Dyer, AIA, CSI, President
William Dyer & Associates

"...Manufacturers should be a part of Product MasterSpec because they will have the opportunity to get their products specified more frequently and therefore will have a head start in the bidding process."
~ W. Dean Walker, AIA, CSI, CCS
Chicago, IL

Why Choose Product MasterSpec?

Is Product MasterSpec the right solution for you?

MasterSpec is the most widely used Master Specification System in use in commercial construction today. With over 700 sections providing the detailed requirements for thousands of individual products, the A/E community relies on our database of building product manufacturers our writers have listed as meeting the strict minimum requirements of each respective type of product. Having your product listed in MasterSpec is an important part of the process of making sure you are considered. However, there are a range of specific challenges facing many Building Product Manufacturers that a free basic listing in MasterSpec will not address. Some examples;

Problem: Your company makes a product that isn't a good fit in an existing MasterSpec product type

Your company may provide a product that isn't a good fit inside one of our existing product types. This is often a challenge facing manufacturers promoting newer and innovative technologies looking for wider recognition and acceptance within the industry.

How we can help

Deltek's specification writers can work with your company to cooperatively create a new product type, set of requirements and detailed section text within one of our existing sections. This section functions as a 1 to 1 replacement A/E's can in substitute for their existing "off the shelf" section they've received as part of their MasterSpec subscription.

Problem: Your company makes a higher quality product, but is often losing out to competitors who make a product designed to meet the very minimum requirements to be listed

Perhaps your company makes a premium product with higher standards for safety, performance or durability, but has found it challenging to be compared almost entirely on a cost basis with competitors in your market who provide products meeting the bare minimum requirements.

How we can help

Deltek's specification writers will work with you to customize an existing copyrighted MasterSpec section text and tighten the safety, performance or durability requirements, usually listing your product as the Basis of Design. This new document can be used as a replacement for the standard MasterSpec sections, where the original requirements from this respective product type remain unchanged.

Problem: You are looking for more inexpensive ways to win the specification process earlier, and avoid the "substitution battle" altogether

It may be that your company is already targeting decision makers at the tail end of the procurement process, but finding it a challenge to fight the "substitution battle" late in the game when your product missed getting specified earlier in the process. You need a strategy that not just gets you a "seat at the table" when those decision are being made, but substantially increases the odds your products will be selected.

How we can help

Product MasterSpec sections provide a complete solution for A/E's, representing not just an alternative, but a completed solution that saves them the time expense of re-formatting and trying to transfer a third party spec to meet the more rigid standards and formatting needed to be part of larger MasterSpec set of contract documents. Rather than relying solely on your salespeople or a posting on your website to get the word out that your Product MasterSpec section is available, our Manufacturer Support Services Department will work with you to help distribute your section(s) through a variety of channels to both our MasterSpec users and the A/E community at large. Our reporting will allow you to pull reports and check on how often your sections are being accessed.

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