Wood Care Systems
707 Kirkland Avenue
Kirkland,WA 98033
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Wood Care Systems provides solutions to exterior wood problems. We offer Bor8 Rods, the internal wood preservatives that stop and prevent fungal decay.  We also carry TWP, the best deck, fence, log home, or siding stain in the country. Our epoxy systems provide structural and cosmetic repair to rot or insect damaged wood.

Wood Care Systems offers products to care for and fix your wooden structure. We carry superior quality wood preservatives, coatings, stain removers, and wood cleaners. Whether you have a home with wood siding, or you're building a wooden deck, wood creates an elegant and inviting look. Wood provides a natural look that is both beautiful and timeless. Properly caring for your wooden structure is essential to preserving their beauty and life.

Let us help you with your exterior wood problems. We have probably seen and solved a wood problem similar to yours over the past 25 years. We look forward to earning your business. We are located in the Pacific Northwest, but have several locations around the country that we can ship from to minimize shipping cost and speed delivery times.