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088000  GLAZING

The Thermally Optimized Durable Spacer

TGI®-Spacer is the standard for high-performance insulating glass. With a 20 year track record, it is a cold bendable warm edge spacer bar that offers the ultimate combination of high thermal performance, durability, aesthetics and value.


TGI®-Spacer delivers the benchmark high durability provided by conventional metal box spacers while delivering the higher thermal performance achieved by non-metal spacers. TGI®-Spacer is a unique hybrid box spacer system combining low conductivity thin stainless steel with a high-performance engineered polymer.  The thin stainless steel provides excellent sealant adhesion and maximum protection against gas leakage and moisture penetration, while minimizing heat transfer.The engineered polymer bridges the top of the spacer to further reduce heat transfer.

Thermally efficient fenestration is critical to both energy management, condensation control and occupant comfort in buildings. And insulating glass seal durability is the key to sustainable, long-term envelope performance. TGI®-Spacer meets or exceeds the toughest industry durability and thermal performance expectations in all climates.

Quality and Safety

The TGI®-Spacer is an advanced warm edge solution that has been used in buildings since 1999 and meets all relevant quality and durability standards, including ASTM E 2190(moisture permeation, gas retention, volatile fog) and color stability after 3000 hours of exposure to UV according to ASTM G 154.

Who is Technoform?

Technoform is a family business founded in 1969 by Karl-Hans Caprano and Erwin Brunnhofer. Today Technoform has a global presence with more than 45 factories and sales offices.We are the worldwide market leader in the field of precision plastic extrusion.In addition to hybrid spacer, Technoform is also the leader in polyamide insulating strip design and manufacturing for aluminum fenestration thermal breaks.

Technoform is a global family business with 14 manufacturing facilities worldwide, including in Twinsburg (OH), USA and is proud to run some of the most efficient, state-of-the-art extrusion lines in the world. A strict ISO 9001 certified quality management program ensures that our customers receive the best products and services.

Our 1400 strong workforce speaks at least 40 languages. Technoform is committed to the creation of networked business units in local markets to maintain close proximity to customers and leverage the expertise of the global organization.  Unlike some manufacturers, Technoform has invested in providing local spacer bar manufacturing in North America and a large portfolio of North American specific sizes and profiles.

What Makes Us Special

Technoform also offers a "complete package" solution for improving fenestration and building envelope performance. In addition to providing the leading durable warm-edge spacer for improving insulating glass thermal performance, we also provide polyamide thermal break solutions for aluminum fenestration, along with customized design assistance, thermal modeling and architectural specification and technical support.

Our team of technical support engineers work closely with architects and fenestration fabricators to solve thermal bridging problems and develop novel solutions to meet the increasingly higher thermal performance requirements for the building envelope.Our team is passionate about improving thermal performance of façades. If you have a building envelope thermal bridging problem, Technoform can help you solve it.

Our local manufacturing operations in Ohio, and additional offices in Tennessee, Oregon and Utah allows us to be responsive to your needs.