19, Rue du Général Foy
Paris,IL 75008
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284300  Fuel Oil Detection and Alarm
284500  Water Detection and Alarm

TTK is the Europe's leading manufacturerof Liquid Leak Detection Systems for commercial and industrialapplications. Our expertise focuses in 2 fields: Water Leak Detection and Oil Leak Detection (Fuel leak detection).

TTK’s headquarters, R&D center and the manufacturing facilities are basedin Paris region, in France, for 30 years. TTK conceive, develop,manufacture and install (via subsidiaries or local partners) the leakdetection systems. Since it was established, the company has built its brandname on Quality, Efficiency and Innovation.

All products are manufactured in France to ensure the best qualityand reliability of every single product within the production chain. TTKproducts hold a number of recognized international safety and specificapprovals such as UL, TUV/GS, IEC, and ATEX.