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Catalog - SOSS Door Hardware; by Universal Industrial Products, Inc.

2018 SOSS Catalog

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SOSS Door Hardware is a leading company for door hardware including the SOSS invisible hinge and UltraLatch door handle. Our mission is to create beautiful and functional entryways by supplying innovative door hardware

Our products are used in many of the world’s most iconic properties including The Whitehouse, Buckingham Palace, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. We are also in many other fine hotels, offices and homes around the world.

Our products have been tested and trusted by architects, designers, and builders for well over 100 years. We look forward to serving you in your next project large or small. 

SOSS Invisible Hinges

We are the original invisible hinge designer and manufacturer. Through the years we have innovated and added to the line that now includes over 50 different invisible hinge products from cabinets to doors and related products. Our products are so well engineered that we have hinges still in use in the same building after 100 years! Our complete line of invisible hinges includes:

Craft, Barrel and Quadrant Hinges (100, BH series, QH Series)

Small Cabinet Hinge (Model 101-204)

Large Cabinet and Bi-fold door hinges (208-212)

Standard Door Hinges (216-220) These also have a 20-minute Fire Rating

90-180 minute Fire Rated Hinges for wood or metal doors (220AS, 220SS, 416-418 series)

90-180 minute Fire Rated for Metal Doors only (420)

Power Transfer Hinges (218PT & 220PT)

Metal Cabinet only hinges (106, 114, 205 and 314)

Hinges for extremely heavy doors (218H and 220H)

Invisible Closer Hinges (212IC, 216IC, 416IC, 218IC, 418IC, 220IC, 420IC)

SOSS Magnetic Door Holders

Sturdy, practical and easy to install, SOSS Magnetic Door Holder and Stop holds doors open even in a heavy wind. Mount either vertically to the floor or horizontally to baseboard or wall. SOSS Magnetic Door Holders have a magnetic holding power of 9 lbs. when installed properly.

Installation Accessories

To help you install our products quickly and easily we offer a series of tools, router guides, templates and other related items that will make installing SOSS invisible hinges a snap. You will also find installation videos and instructions on our website.

SOSS UltraLatch

The UltraLatch is the most ADA compliant, easy to use, and comfortable door latch on the market. There is simply no other doorknob on the market that comes close to design and ease of use of the SOSS UltraLatch. It utilizes a push/pull mechanism and can be opened hands free.

We also offer this latch directly to end user at the lowest price on the market with our factory direct pricing. Our complete line of UltraLatch door latch is available in passage, privacy and/or 20-minute FR versions that includes:

For 1-3/8” Thick Doors, 2-3/8” Backset (L18 Series)

For 1-3/8” Thick Doors, 2-3/4” Backset (L14 Series)

For 1-1/2” Thick Doors, 2-3/8: Backset (L48 Series)

For 1-1/2” Thick Doors, 2-3/4” Backset (L44 Series)

For 1-3/4” Thick Doors, 2-3/8” Backset (L28 Series)

For 1-3/4” Thick Doors, 2-3/4” Backset (L24 Series)

For 2” Thick Doors, 2-3/4” Backset (L34 Series)

For 1-3/4” & 2” Thick Closet doors (LCL Series)

For 1-3/8” Thick Closet Doors (LCLEX Series)

Our mission at SOSS is to provide the most durable, well designed, and long-lasting invisible hinges and door latches on the market. Our products are supported by excellent service and technology. Check out SOSS today, we know you will be as happy as countless other customers have been through our 100+ year history.