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Plumberex Specialty Products, Inc., located in Southern California, is the pioneer company that first patented an accessibility safety cover solution for under-lavatory piping. Since 1986, we started manufacturing the original and still highly successful brand HANDY-SHIELD™, now known as the HANDY-SHIELD MAXX™. In 2002 the company became the first to offer both a “Soft” and “Molded” accessibility safety cover for under-lavatory piping solution with the addition of the PRO-EXTREME brand.

A “New Gold Standard” (ASTM C-1822) was announced in January 2016 by the American Society for Testing and Materials for accessibility safety under-lavatory piping insulation. The new standard ASTM C-1822, “Standard Specification for Insulating Covers on Accessible Lavatory Piping,” now addresses Material and Product Performances on: Fire & Smoke Ratings, Thermal Performance, Sanitation Performance, Maintenance Functionalities, Product Construction, and Quality Assurances.

Product Offerings
o The original and maximum solution for all accessibility under-lavatory piping safety cover requirements
o ASTM C1822 (Class: Type I)
o The Slim Fit maximum solution for all accessibility under-lavatory piping safety cover requirements
o ASTM C1822 (Class: Type I)
o The Smooth Molded one-piece ready fit solution for all accessibility under-lavatory piping safety cover requirements

Use on Applications
P-Traps: (Under-Lavatories and Under Kitchen Sinks)
Valve & Water Supplies: (Under-Lavatories and Under Kitchen Sinks)
Wheel Chair Offsets: (Under-Lavatories and Under Kitchen Sinks)
Waste Disposals: (Under Kitchen Sinks)
2 Part Waste Drainage: End-Outlets and Center Outlets (Under Kitchen Sinks)
Bar Sink Waste Drainage: (Under Kitchen Sinks and Under Service Sinks)

Product Highlights
• Superior Aesthetic design with high-gloss PVC engineered material
• Fusion Welded Technology
• Self-Gripping, Hook & Loop molecular-bonded fastening system with optional tamper resistant fasteners
• Removable/Reusable for maintenance
• Fire Rated PVC Engineered Permeable Insulation Material
• UV Inhibited, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal
• Field Applied cut to fit length
• Equal Flex design allows for maximum supply line flexibility
• Valve Access maintenance cap without cover removal
• P-Trap Cover with Full Rotation option
• Sizes available of up to 2” tubular P-Traps

• ADA 4.19.4/ABA 606.5 rev.
• ICC/ANSI A 117.1 (sec. 606.6)
• Meets new 2015 IPC 404.3 & UPC 403.3 Plumbing Codes
• Meets new ASTM C1822-15 Insulating Covers on Accessible Lavatory Piping
• Meets Standard ASME A112.18.9
• UPC/IAPMO PS 94-2012

Approved Performance & Material Testing
• ASTM E84 – Flame and Smoke
• ASTM G21 – Anti-microbial and Anti-fungal
• ASTM G153 – Weatherization and UV Exposure
• ASTM E96 – Moisture Permeability
• ASTM D570 – Tensile Strength
• ASTM C177 - Thermal Conductivity & Thermal Resistance
• ASTM C158 - Thermal Conductivity & Thermal Resistance
• UPC/IAPMO PS 94-2012 (Heat Penetration & Water Resistance)

Online Resource Offerings
• Submittals
• Specifications
• 3 Part Specification