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Critical to the overall performance and architectural beauty of the structure, are the products necessary to maximize the project’s useful life and aesthetic integrity. Nox-Crete Products Group is an employee-owned ESOP company who developed and launched the world’s first chemically active form release agent 60 years ago.

Today, Nox-Crete produces a full line of concrete construction chemical systems: form release agents; tilt-up cure and bondbreakers; floor treatments and cleaners; floor joint fillers and stain protection; floor coatings and overlays; cures and cure and seals; water repellents and stains; grouts, mortars, admixtures and bonding agents; cleaners and maintenance products; tilt-up accessories and specialty chemicals.

We partner with you to deliver:
1. Best in Class Technical Support - Our pride is in our knowledge and experience in the formulation, installation, and long term performance of our products. We also offer Technical Presentations that can provide Continuing Education Credits for Professional Registrations that are particularly beneficial when you are in Design Development.
2. 100% Compatibility Guarantee - Nox-Crete manufactures and formulates our chemical products with maximizing performance and compatibility with our “System Approach”. This minimizes RISK for the entire Project Team when Nox-Crete is involved.
3. Green Engineered – Nox-Crete’s Leadership Team has always included our Chief Chemist. “Prioritizing the products” has resulted in Nox-Crete as the Industry Leader at formulating leading edge, water based products that have a priority of protecting the people who use our products AND the environment.