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079216  Rigid Joint Sealants

Metzger/McGuire is a New Hampshire-based manufacturer of semi-rigid floor joint fillers and crack and surface repair products for use in industrial and retail concrete floors. The firm was established in 1972 and created the industry’s first semi-rigid epoxy joint filler “MM-80.” Today, Metzger/McGuire produces a wide range of joint fillers and concrete repair products formulated to address the specific and differing floor protection needs of warehouse/distribution centers, manufacturing and cold storage facilities, and decorative and polished floors in retail and commercial spaces. Metzger/McGuire is committed to clean and sustainable chemistry where possible and many of their products are LEED v4 certified.


Metzger/McGuire supports the proper installation of their materials through a comprehensive library of technical support documents and training programs, 24/7 live technical product support, and through a nationwide network of Approved Installers and Approved Repair Contractors who are regularly audited and trained to ensure that they are performing all work in compliance with specifications and installation guidelines.