Egan Visual
300 Hanlan Road
Woodbridge,ON L3L3P6
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Egan Visual is the world-leader in visual communication surfaces. Since 1967, Egan has offered a wide range of high quality, productivity enhancing boards that provide the perfect canvas for ideas to come to life. With their proprietary white board technology, Egan Versa Surface™ (EVS™), Egan out-performs its competitors on every level. Egan’s EVS surface has a low gloss surface for less glare than porcelain and is guaranteed to clean. It is resistant against ghosting and stains, so it will retain its bright white surface for decades, unlike other boards.

Egan has the largest selection of Glass Markerboards, Dry Erase Markerboards, Tackboards, Mobile and TableScreens in the industry. Their products are split into six unique Design Families so that you can find the right product to fit your unique specifications. A few of these design families are Architrave, a collection of products with earthy wood tones, Boxcore, which has a modern and minimalist aluminum frame, and Dimension, which has a sleek frameless look.

Egan is known for their customization abilities and collaborates closely with architects and designers to produce custom products that fit their design needs.