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Engineered as a Continuous Insulation Solution

SMARTci provides best practice for buildings with a continuous insulation system. Patented GreenGirt, a composite metal hybrid (CMH)™ Simple Z-Girt™, provides a thermal break and mounting platform for cladding applications creating an continuous insulation building envelope. It is a flexible design that works universally with any substrate, insulation, or cladding.

Eliminate Thermal Bridging

The Solution: GreenGirt™- CMH

GreenGirt™ is a CMH steel and fiber-reinforced polymer Simple Z-Girt™ designed to eliminate thermal bridging and save energy. The brilliance of GreenGirt begins with its composite metal hybrid (CMH) material; a steel and fiberglass-reinforced polymer CMH.CMH combines the strength of steel (for fastener retention and cladding support), with the thermal efficiency of FRP.

GreenGirt’s CMH design features multiple innovative solutions: fastener retention system, interlocking CMH components, splines for a 360° weather barrier seal, no through insulation fasteners and no through metal to framing.GreenGirt’s CMH design features multiple innovative and dynamic attachment solutions, along with thermal efficiencies of 92%-98%. It yields the highest R-Values with the lowest amounts of insulation of any system on the market. It has been tested and approved for ASTM E84 Class A, and is NFPA 285 compliant.