What is Product MasterSpec?

Product MasterSpec is a program that allows manufacturers to license sections from the MasterSpec libraries. ARCOM’s team of professional specifiers work closely with representatives from the manufacturer to determine where their specification fits and provides guidelines to ensure the product meets ARCOM’s high standards. Once the specification is complete an announcement is made in ARCOM’s electronic newsletter, Spec Press, and it is made available to MasterSpec users and the manufacturer.

What is MasterSpec?

MasterSpec is a comprehensive library of specifications that covers over 1700 sections in full-length, short form, and outline formats. MasterSpec specifications are customizable and include qualitative product overviews, editing instructions, reference standards, manufacturer and product comparisons, drawing coordination and specification checklists.

Who uses MasterSpec?

MasterSpec has been the industry standard since 1969. MasterSpec has over 12,000 users and is endorsed by the AIA, ACEC, ASID, ASLA, CASE, IIDA, NLA (ANLA), and NSPE. MasterSpec is used by many of the top architectural and engineering firms. According to Consulting Specifying Engineers, 70% of the top firms use MasterSpec. Architectural Records’ top ten firms also use MasterSpec and over 73% of their top 500 firms use MasterSpec.

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