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nVent PYROTENAX Mineral Insulated (MI) wiring systems protect people, processes and critical electrical circuits during a fire or other emergency. High-rise buildings, hospitals, airports, and tunnels are locations where fires can be costly and deadly if the emergency systems in place do not operate properly.

nVent PYROTENAX MI two-hour fire-rated wiring cables meet the most stringent fire testing standards for safety in buildings and infrastructure. They ensure safe operation of critical emergency circuits under fire conditions – which is essential for safe evacuation and to allow firefighters to continue their efforts during an emergency.

Typical fire-rated applications include wiring for fire pumps, emergency generators, firefighters’ elevators, smoke extraction fans, and space savings installations, like when retrofitting electrical power feeders in commercial buildings that require increased ampacity without increasing the space needed.

The unique combination of dependability, versatility and performance make nVent PYROTENAX MI wiring systems easy to specify. Our experts are available to help optimize any system and offer field services and tools for installation support.