Xerxes Corporation
7901 Xerxes Ave. So.
Minneapolis,MN 55431
(612) 887–1890
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As a major tank supplier to the petroleum industry, ZCL | Xerxes fiberglass tanks have long been recognized by fuel marketers as the safe, reliable alternative to steel tanks.  Customers in the water and wastewater, oil and gas markets also turn to our maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant composite tanks as alternatives to steel, concrete and plastic tanks.

With a wide range of customizable tank models and accessories, we provide solutions for customers' site and regulatory requirements in both underground and aboveground applications.

ZCL | Xerxes is one of the world's leading innovators in composite tank engineering, having manufactured and shipped more than 200,000 storage tanks over the last 40 years.  The company was acquired in April 2019 by Shawcor Ltd., a leading integrated energy services company.