Contego International Inc.
1013 Arthur Street PO Box # 49
Rochester,IN 46975-2449
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Contego International manufactures the most advanced Intumescent coating in the world for fireproofing a variety of substrates. Contego is Latin for “to shield, defend, or protect.” When you apply Contego Firebarrier Intumescent Latex Paint to virtually any substrate you can rest assured that you’ve got the best in fire protection. Whether treating steel beams in a high-rise building or airport or small circuit boards, Contego provides unmatched fire protection and thermal resistance. Contego is the solution… non-toxic, beautifully thin, amazingly affordable, in comparably reliable intumescent paint. Contego makes the world a safer place. To ensure the quality of Contego intumescent fire barrier paint and its support of global fire rsistance standards, Contego is ISO 9001:2008 Registered and ETA 16/0160Certified. With our NEW 2 HR Fire Resistance on Steel Decking, and 3HR Steel Column ASTM UL ULc test data. Contego’s Revolutionary formula can protect all your needs.