Becker Pumps Corp
100 East Ascot Lane
Cuyahoga Falls,OH 44223–3768
(888) 633–1083

Since1885, Becker Pumps Corporation has been manufacturing a complete line ofoil-flooded and oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps. Now in our fourth generationof family ownership, our product line continues to expand to satisfy ourcustomer’s demands. We recently introduced our new line of hook and claw vacuumpumps which makes Becker the only manufacturer to offer all three technologiesfor medical and laboratory central systems.

In 1991 we introduced the first oil-less rotary vane systeminto a hospital. Drawing from nearly three decades of experience, Becker hasdesigned simplicity and ease of installation into all of our systems. AllBecker systems fit through a standard 36 inch door with no disassembly requiredand our system control panels are continually being upgraded to use the latesttechnology available. To further that point, we are proud to announce thatBecker is the first pump manufacturer to offer vacuum pumps that can bemonitored in the cloud and thefirst to meet IE3 compliance across our entire line.