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BTECH’s 30 plus years of battery monitoring experience provides an advanced approach to online real time battery monitoring and management. BTECH’s hardware, software and support solutions enable mission critical data center operators to ensure that DC Plants are safe, reliable, perform to the design criteria and fulfill the life cycle requirements expected by the battery manufactures.

BTECH supplies several application specific battery monitoring platforms, the S5 system is the primary UPS product, the CellQ1.3 is designed for station batteries, generators, and battery systems with less than 20 units. All BTECH products are managed with BTECH BVS software platform, associated utilities, and management tools. All BTECH products are easily integrated into the Building Management System via Modbus, SNMP, and dry contacts.

BTECH provides full support including Installation, Startup, Testing, Training, Preventative Maintenance and Remote Monitoring Services.