Abacus Sports Installations Ltd.
2330 Dairy Rd.
Lancaster,PA 17601
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Abacus Sports Installations was founded by Spencer and Susan Proud in 1991. Since then, we have been supplying & installing top-quality multipurpose sport flooring across the country. Through commitment to improvement and continuing research, Abacus is able to offer the highest quality products to our customers.

A truly custom surface is possible through acquiring sport flooring system materials from manufacturers who share Abacus Sports’ commitment to quality, performance, and value. 

Abacus’s goal is to support athletes by giving them safe surfaces to train on that promote well-being and reduce injury risk. Our floors evolve as athletes do, leading the way with new flooring technology and innovation. Athletes need to train and play on the best surfaces to perform their best. Abacus is proud to provide these surfaces and to continuing the advancement of sports flooring technology into the future.