ABB, Electrification Business
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Memphis,TN 38120
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262816 Enclosed Switches and Circuit Breakers


260533 Raceway and Boxes for Electrical Systems


  Full Length
260526  Grounding and Bonding for Electrical Systems

ABB Electrification Business includes the following product areas:

  • Protection and Distribution
  • Critical Power
  • Installation Products
  • Control
  • Home & Building Automation
  • Lighting
  • Machine Safety

ABB's power protection and distribution products include: Arc Flash Protection, Arresters & Capacitors, Busway, Circuit Breakers, Conversion Kits and Trip Units, Distribution Automation, Fuse Holders, Generators, Load Centers, Medium Voltage apparatus, Metering, Monitoring & Control with solutions like ABB Ability, Power Meter and Safety Relays, Motor Control Centers, ABB Panelboards, Switchboards, Switches & Disconnects, Rotary Disconnects, Safety Switches, Switchgear, Transformers

ABB critical power products include automatic transfer switches, DC power systems, embedded power supplies, pin and sleeve devices, power conditioning equipment, power distribution systems, static transfer switches, surge protection devices, paralleling switchgear, and uninterruptible power supplies.

ABB Installation Products designs and manufactures products used to manage the connection, distribution, and transmission of electrical power in industrial, construction, and utility applications globally. ABB Installation Products designs manufactures and markets the trusted Thomas & Betts electrical product brand names such as Steel City®, Iberville®, Star Teck®, Color-Keyed®, and Ty-Rap®. Customers will continue to receive the same great products, quality service and ease of business that has continued over the past several years of ABB’s ownership of Thomas & Betts.

ABB and GE Control products include Contactors & Starters, Relays, Pump panels, Motor Control, Lighting Control, Relays & Timers, pilot devices, and power supplies for the NEMA and IEC markets.

ABB home and building automation products include entry system and Cylon controls.

ABB lighting products include airfield and emergency lighting; and Ex-Solutions hazardous lighting.

ABB delivers machine safety solutions for single machines or entire production lines. Machine safety is used to help protect both man and machine from harm by using safety devices and controls. ABB's Jokab Safety offers an extensive range of innovative products and solutions for machine safety systems to help protect both man and machine.